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All About Place: Michael Lewis Wolkis Fields in Syosset, New York

The place is a park in Syosset, New York. The park has two fields and is open for people to play sports or just relax. It also offers a lot of space for kids to play on the playground equipment. Michael Lewis Wolkis Fields opened in 2008 and was named after a former mayor of Syosset who helped get it built. Information can be found here.

The Michael Lewis Wolkis Fields in Syosset, New York, is a great place for photoshoots. It has a perfect open space to use as the background, and it’s located on one of Long Island’s most beautiful beaches near Cold Spring Harbor. See here for information about A Quick Snapshot of Ice Works in Syosset, New York.

There are many different types of areas at this location, including the woodsy area, which could provide good shade from trees or sun depending on what you prefer, an open field that looks out towards waterfalls where there can be lots of greenery surrounding your subjects making them pop with bright colors against lush green grasses and bushes, a large meadow with a sandy floor where you have plenty of room to spread out equipment/tables/chairs for larger items such as cakes or other props, and a dry grassy area that is perfect for outdoor portraits.

This location also has many different areas to shoot at depending on the season, including in summer months, you can hit along or near waterfalls which are beautiful because of the foliage surrounding them, such as leaves so colorful they almost look like flowers blooming out of stone walls with moss hanging off rocks making it appear as if fairies lived there while winter brings frozen waterfalls creating magnificent views when looking towards them from across wide-open fields.