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Memberships Policies

I. Membership:

Each membership is a monthly commitment (3 month minimum) that includes individualized program design, facility & equipment use, and small group coaching. 

II. Payment:

Each membership requires a credit card on file for a minimum of 3 months.  Your card will be automatically charged every month on your billing date unless otherwise notified a minimum of 7 days prior.  You must meet the initial 3-month commitment, if you cancel prior to your 3-month minimum, AMP holds the right to charge you a cancelation fee of your remaining commitment.  After the initial 3-months, your membership will run monthly and you can cancel or pause with no  cancellation fee as long as you give 7 days notice. 

VI. Pausing Your Membership:

You have the option to pause your membership if you will be away for more than 21 days for up to 3 months.  In any 12-month period, you may freeze your membership 2 times for up to 3 months for both periods combined.  This will “hold your spot” and your autopay will adjust when you return.  You must inform us if you will be pausing a minimum of 7 days prior by submitting our Pause/Cancel Form (See front desk or a coach for  this form). You are not permitted to pause in the first month you sign up.

III. Use of Sessions:

You have (x) amount of sessions per month depending on your membership level.  You have one month to use the allotted sessions, you are not limited on how many you can use per week.  We cannot delay your next monthly payment because you did not use all of your allotted sessions.  If you would like to purchase per diem sessions to use at your own convenience, that is a non-membership option we do offer. 

IV. Scheduling Sessions:

After your first session, you must schedule all sessions with the AMP Syosset app.  The app has a 5-hour booking window, so please schedule your session no less than 5 hours prior. You will create an account using the email we have on file.  If you arrive without  scheduling or notifying via text, we may ask you to leave and come back when scheduled.

V. Cancelling Sessions: 

You must cancel any scheduled training session at least 24 hours in advance. Cancelations within 24 hours are subject to loss of session for the month. 

VII. Cancelling Your Membership:

You may cancel your membership at any time with 7 days written notice by submitting our Pause/Cancel Form (See front desk or a coach for this form).  We do not offer refunds if you fail to submit the form prior to your billing date.