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The Hidden Gem: Plainview, New York

It may come as a surprise, but Plainview is actually the third-largest city in New York. It was one of the first two townships in Nassau County and has been inhabited since 1854. Plainview is home to the Plainview Public Library and Plainview-Old Bethpage Historical Society Museum. We will take a look at some other things that Plainview has to offer. Visit this link for more information.

Plainview was founded by the John William Mackay family of Virginia City, Nevada where his father had been successful mining silver during America’s first great mineral rush. He moved to Long Island and began investing in various business enterprises at around the same time as petroleum discoveries were made on Long Island about 1865. The area was originally called Hog Pond or Bogusville for its largest spring-fed swamp which lay between South Street and Jericho Turnpike until it became known as Plainfield after the village of Plainfield, Connecticut (see also Parkville). In 1897 Plainview Seminary opened here with 40 students. By 1910 farmland had become quite valuable due to the growth of suburban communities on Long Island and Plainview’s population had swelled to 600. Plainview is home to a number of notable businesses, including Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School, Plainview Jewish Center, Plainview Yogurt, and La Gondola restaurant. The hamlet is also served by the Hicksville and Syosset stations on the Long Island Rail Road. Read about Woodbury, New York: A Rich History of Enlightening Education here.